Covad shuts off service to two ISP resellers

Covad Communications is cracking down on reseller ISPs that owe the DSL wholesaler money.

Last Friday, Covad cut service to San Diego ISP Internet Express, leaving about 500 subscribers with no service. Covad followed up by cutting service to DSLnetworks of San Francisco on Wednesday, leaving about 5,000 customers in the dark.

Since late last year, Covad, through its Safety Net program, has been encouraging customers of ISPs that are in debt to Covad to move to more stable Covad ISP partners or to buy DSL service from Covad directly.

Internet Express and DSLnetworks say their Covad service was cut off without warning. Covad though, says it has been negotiating debt payment options with the two ISPs for several months and that the service shutdowns should have come as no surprise.

DSLnetworks is advising its customers to move their business to Englewood, Colo., DSL wholesaler Rhythms. Internet Express is still looking into options for its subscribers.


Internet Express:

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