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Extreme Networks, as part of its push to extend Ethernet over telephone company circuits using T-1 and very-high bit rate DSL (VDSL), has released further configuration and pricing details for new WAN modules for its Alpine switch (Alpine switch).

The WM-4T1 module has four T-1 ports, four 10/100M bit/sec ports and costs $6,000. The FM-8Vi module has eight Ethernet-based 10M bit/sec VDSL ports and is priced at $7,000. The Alpine chassis can support a total of 64 VDSL ports, and Extreme will also provide its own VDSL modems for terminating connections.

Quantum Bridge Communications, a maker of passive optical network systems for service providers building fiber deep into office parks and residential neighborhoods, has added ATM switching capabilities to its QB5000 Optical Access Switch. The move is designed to eliminate the need for a separate ATM switch in the service provider's point of presence. Quantum Bridge is also adding an OC-3 time-division multiplexing gateway.

Quantum Bridge: www.quantumbridge.com

Softswitch maker Convergent Networks says it aims to deliver packet voice services over hybrid fiber-coaxial cable networks. The company announced it has joined the PacketCable interoperability initiative sponsored by Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs). PacketCable, built on top of the DOCSIS 1.1 cable-modem standard, is designed to enable IP telephony, multimedia conference and a range of telecommuter services.

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