BMC buys performance management house

BMC Software Inc. Monday announced it plans to acquire Perform SA, a French developer of Web-based optimization software, in a $23 million cash deal.

Kirill Tatarinov, BMC's chief technology officer, says the company has been examining how to enter the network management market for the past year. Perform develops software products for network performance management.

Tatarinov says BMC is aware it is behind several competitors in terms of its network management offerings.

"We realize we are a little late, but we made the decision to enter the networking space. After researching for the past 12 months, we decided the fastest time to market would be through acquisition," Tatarinov says. The key capabilities Perform will offer to BMC's Patrol product lines include network discovery down to Layer 2, XML support and Web interfaces, Tatarinov says. He also says implementation of Perform takes a "matter of minutes, vs. days," another key selling point.

Initially, BMC intends to integrate Perform's flagship products - Visualis and Perform Dashboard - into its Patrol Enterprise Manager, Patrol Storage Management and its own Perform/Predict portion of the Patrol suite. Perform technology is designed to manage connectivity and performance of network components.

Customers will be offered the Perform products after the deal closes, which is expected by the end of this month. Pricing for any new products has not been determined. BMC intends to further integrate Perform into other offerings as well. BMC will pay $23 million for Perform and add about 75 product development employees to its Patrol business unit.

Tatarinov says Perform customers will be gaining the support of a global company, rather than a start-up, but BMC customers can expect to get much better visibility into their "end-to-end application service management." Perform had more than 500 customers that will now be supported by BMC.

This story, "BMC buys performance management house" was originally published by Network World.

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