Mastering your Web

Managing a Web site is fraught with all sorts of tedious tasks that can quickly overwhelm a webmaster. The danger of overloading the webmaster is that nothing other than maintenance gets done -- no upgrading, no polishing and no analysis.

For these reasons, Web management tools aren’t just a nice idea; they are essential if you plan to get the best out of your Web site and your staff.

So, let me suggest a tool you might like to check out: Coast Webmaster 5.0 from Coast Software (

Among the functions that Coast Webmaster can perform, include:

* Repair links (a single operation for all broken links in a site).

* Map and test forms and dynamic content.

* Generate performance statistics (calculates total page sizes and estimates download times as well as highlighting slow pages).

* Produce custom reports.

* Enforce a common look and feel for your Web site.

* Restructure your directories and files or rename individual pages.

* Compare staged-development and production sites or mirrored sites around the globe.

* Check site behavior with different browsers.

* Manage multisite content deployment.

Coast Webmaster runs on Windows 98 and Windows NT and can manage sites with up to 200,000 files. The Pro version also includes Web server log file analysis. Coast also offers Coast WebMaster/400 for managing AS/400-based Web sites.

Pricing for single licenses for Coast WebMaster 5.0 is $995. Coast WebMaster Pro is $1,495, and Coast WebMaster/400 is $1,995.

Even though Coast WebMaster is one of the more expensive products on the market, it is also one of the most useful and sophisticated. Check out the Network World review of WebMaster and competing product at

Coast Software

150 Gloucester St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 0A6

613-567-3201 / 877-526-2780

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