Linux gets back-up support

PHOENIX -- Enhanced Software Technologies is expected to launch this week at LinuxWorld a version of its back-up and recovery utility aimed at small to large Linux server-based networks.

BRU-Pro is scalable, supporting 64-bit operating systems, and works with virtually any SCSI-based tape library. The software automatically recognizes local, as well as remote tape subsystems, and configures and installs the software. The utility also uses Quick File Access, a method of locating files quickly and shortening restore times using high tape speeds.

The BRU-Pro software resides on the Linux server and backs up other Linux servers, or Linux or Windows client workstations on the WAN.

The utility includes archive management and cataloging tools, and will back up a variety of client operating systems, ranging from Linux and Novell NetWare to Windows NT and 2000 to Unix workstations. It includes a verification feature that uses a cyclic redundancy check to compare the checksum on every block of data sent to the tape drive.

Richard Maiello, a technician in New York who has used the BRU workstation edition on his Linux machines, likes the verification feature. "I feel more comfortable knowing that the data on the tape has been verified against that on the hard drive, even though this takes almost as long as does the backup itself," he says.

BRU-Pro will be available next month for $700 per server and $500 for every three servers or workstation clients.


This story, "Linux gets back-up support" was originally published by Network World.

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