NetIQ reaches further into the Web

On the heels of its WebTrends merger announcement, NetIQ plans to premiere software this week at ComNet 2001 that will monitor Web site performance from the end-user perspective. The company will also unveil the latest version of its Pegasus application and server monitoring software.

NetIQ will debut the latest addition to its AppManager suite of applications and systems management products. AppManager for Web Services is a module that monitors Web sites and verifies the availability of Web services on a transaction-by-transaction basis, the company says.

AppManager runs on Windows, and the module is installed on the server or application to be monitored. The Web Services module reports back to the AppManager software on the server, where performance metrics are collected and net managers can see data such as response time and CPU use.

Another enhancement to the AppManager suite is a technology NetIQ calls Web Transaction Recorder. NetIQ provides users with a modified version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. A user can click on a "record" button when visiting his Web site, and the NetIQ software saves the entire Web transaction process as script.

The company says this technology can tell users how much time their Web sites took to respond to transactions, load images, process credit card information or confirm shopping cart orders.

Network administrator Ryan Finnesey says his New York advertising agency Atmosphere uses AppManager products to monitor the uptime of servers, notify staff of problems and track network performance "so when it comes time for an upgrade we can justify the expense."

His department intends to roll out the Web Services module of AppManager in the next few months.

The company chose NetIQ primarily for its superior integration with Windows NT as compared with Hewlett-Packard's OpenView and Computer Associates' Unicenter TNG, Finnesey says. He sees the recent merger with WebTrends as a plus.

"We use WebTrends now, and we were looking for something with more and tighter integration to monitor the day-to-day activity on our Web site," he says. NetIQ and WebTrends recently announced they would be merging in a $1 billion stock deal.

Version 4.0 of NetIQ's Pegasus response-time monitoring software also features the new Web recording technology along with other enhancements. With Pegasus 4.0 and two new modules, users can execute a real transaction against a production server and diagnose problems. Users also can run diagnostic tests from one central console.

Slated to ship next month, AppManager for Web Services costs $1,000. Pricing for Pegasus 4.0 begins at $25,000. The add-on modules cost $7,500 each. Pegasus 4.0 will be available in April.


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