SuSE sends a message

SuSE recently announced two messaging platforms for enterprises that have e-mail needs ranging from simple to complex.

The SuSE eMail Server II is an open source e-mail platform based on Internet standards, such as SMTP, Internet Message Access Protocol 4, Post Office Protocol 3 and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. It can be administered on a central server, allowing users to access their mailboxes via a LAN or remotely over the Internet. It supports all common e-mail clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger and Eudora. Since the software is open source, there is no license limitation on the number of e-mail clients that can be attached to the server.

For a more powerful messaging product, SuSE also offers SuSE Linux Groupware Server, which is based on Lotus Domino R5. The Groupware Server includes the Domino Messaging and Web Application Server platforms. The messaging platform includes e-mail, workflow management and scheduling tools. The application server can be used to develop custom applications for handling various aspects of a business, such as customer service, or supply chain management. Tools using XML, Java Servlets, JavaBeans and Java APIs are also included for building enterprise applications that tie the groupware server to other corporate resources.

Both the SuSE Linux Groupware Server and the SuSE eMail Server II are available now. The eMail Server costs $300 as a stand-alone software package that runs on SuSE Linux, with 60 days of installation support from SuSE and server back-up products from Arkeia and Knox Software. The Groupware Server includes SuSE Linux Enterprise Server, 10 Lotus Notes clients, and 60 days of installation and configuration support from SuSE for $2,500.

This story, "SuSE sends a message " was originally published by Network World.

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