Telica adds capacity to its voice/data switches

MARLBORO, MASS. -- Start-up Telica has jacked up the number of phone calls its flagship telephone switch can handle by a factor of three, making it a more economical option for service providers.

The company is announcing this week that its Plexus 9000 can handle 91,392 phone channels per chassis, and that 16 Plexus chassis can be linked to act as a single switch.

That puts Telica ahead of competitors such as Unisphere, Tachion and Santera, according to a report by Current Analysis.

The equipment boosts the flexibility of service providers to deliver voice services over a traditional circuit-switched network, an IP network or a hybrid. These switches can let providers offer voice and data services on a single platform, resulting in lower network costs and, therefore, potentially lower service prices.

In particular, these switches can terminate and trunk customer calls to an ISP. That relieves the load on traditional switches in carrier networks and reduces busy signals from ISPs.

The switches take in ATM, IP or traditional voice traffic and can switch any of these traffic types to ATM, IP or traditional voice networks. This gives service providers options for their switched networks, but also lets them offer customers services over three different types of access networks.

Even with the increased capacity of a single chassis, the Plexus 9000 still has room to grow. Each chassis supports a 15G bit/sec backplane.

At the moment, Telica's own service software that lets it understand, for example, seven-digit dialing, supports only basic services. The company plans to add more, but for now it can draw on service software that comes with traditional phone switches if customers require more advanced services such as three-way calling.

Telica is also introducing its management system, PlexView Element Manager, which providers use to set services, monitor performance and gather data for billing purposes. The software integrates with overarching network operations and support system (OSS) software made by Lucent and Telcordia that are used in traditional carrier networks. Later, Telica plans to write CORBA and SNMP interfaces to PlexView that will let it talk to other vendors' OSSs.

Telica is also announcing PlexView Billing System, software that generates call detail records, data that is essential to per-use services. The billing system comes in two flavors, one for small networks and one for larger carriers that need records presented in different formats to interface with different existing billing systems.

PlexView Element Manager and PlexView Billing System are expected to be available next month.

This story, "Telica adds capacity to its voice/data switches" was originally published by Network World.

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