Rik Farrow

Rik provides UNIX and Internet security consulting and training. He has been working with UNIX system security since 1984, and with TCP/IP networks since 1988. He has taught for the IRS, Department of Justice, NSA, US West, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Swedish Navy, and for many US and European user groups. Farrow also consults with firms in the design and implementation of security applications.

He is the author of UNIX System Security, published by Addison-Wesley in 1991 and System Administrator's Guide to System V (Prentice Hall, 1989, with Rebecca Thomas). Farrow writes a column for ;login:, the magazine of the USENIX Association, and a network security column for Network magazine. His article on the technical details of the Internet Worm won an Excellence in Technology Communications award. Farrow was featured in an article about Internet Security in a December 1997 article in ComputerWorld.

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