A virtual finger on the pulse

A few weeks ago I wrote about a free Web health monitoring and analysis tool called WebTelemetry.

Of course, a free service can only offer so much value -- if you want to get serious, you gotta pay.

NOCpulse (http://www.nocpulse.com/) offers its eponymous product, NOCpulse Command Center, which provides terrific analysis and reporting services suitable for large Web farms and multiple corporate servers.

Command Center consists of: Operations Center, which displays status and performance metrics; Reporting Center for trend analysis and capacity planning; Administration Center to specify hosts and services to be monitored, and to establish notification and escalation rules for each metric; and Help Center to open and manage trouble tickets, research issues in a collective knowledge data bank, review step-by-step product training, and access NOCpulse FAQs.

NOCpulse collects and reports system data from within customer premises via a secure VPN and provides the data for performance monitoring, external testing and measurements from multiple locations on the public backbone.

The information from both of these components is passed to the Network Operations Center, where the data is aggregated and made available to the other components for analysis.

The product is designed for serious Web services, and pricing starts at $5,000 per month for monitoring the first eight servers (at just over $600 per server per month for the depth of information provided, that’s not bad). The service can be expanded in increments of eight hosts for $3,500 per month.

This story, "A virtual finger on the pulse " was originally published by Network World.

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