Qwest goes with Avici

Avici Systems last week announced that Qwest would use Avici's Terabit Switch Router in its optical IP network.

Under the agreement, Qwest this year will install the Avici TSR in four cities as part of a field trial expected to last several months. Qwest has committed to purchase Avici equipment following completion of Qwest's laboratory tests of the TSR in September.

Those tests included physical layer processing, protocol processing -- packets dropped and received, performance and throughput -- operations and management, management protocol and line cards, Avici says. The tests did not include IP/optical signaling, but did include construction of a logical trunk from multiple physical links using Avici's composite links technology.

Upon the successful completion of the field trial, the TSR will be deployed in Qwest's production network.

Qwest holds a small ownership position in Avici.

This story, "Qwest goes with Avici" was originally published by Network World.

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