Copper Mountain sees more than DSL

DSL equipment vendor Copper Mountain is acknowledging that DSL isn't the only broadband technology out there.

At the SuperNet broadband trade show this week, the company is announcing that it will support T-1 connections between customer sites and carrier networks.

Specifically, the company is introducing the CopperRocket 508T integrated access device that sits at customer sites and the CopperEdge T-1 line card for its broadband access concentrator chassis.

This is important because many customers want broadband access but because of line conditions or distance from switching offices cannot be served by DSL. This will enable service providers to deliver some form of broadband service to virtually all customers, even if it is not DSL.

This also is a more economical way for service providers to support a mix of broadband services. Without these new T-1 capabilities, service providers using Copper Mountain gear would need separate DSL and T-1 concentrators. This will enable service providers to use just one switching office hardware platform, the CopperEdge, to support DSL and T-1 services.

The CopperRocket 508T and the CopperEdge T-1 support voice as well as data over T-1 connections, which is key to service providers attempting to fill all of a corporations communications services needs.

The line card costs $10,000, and the IAD costs $1,600. Both are available in March.

This story, "Copper Mountain sees more than DSL" was originally published by Network World.

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