Linux pipeline – Workshop attendees debate new features for Linux 2.5 kernel

With version 2.4 of the Linux kernel still hot from the oven, the Linux development community officially kicked off debate about what features should go into the 2.5 version at a two-day workshop last weekend. -- 4/4/2001 Infoworld

First virus to infect Windows, Linux apps appears

Antivirus software manufacturers are reporting the appearance of the first virus that can infect applications on systems that run either Linux or Microsoft Windows. -- 3/28/2001

IBM drops 'Blue Hammer' on clustering market

As part of its continuing effort to bring Linux into the mainstream, IBM introduced technology that will let businesses maintain huge Linux or Unix server farms from a single location. -- 3/26/2001 Network World

CeBIT: Avaya upgrades free Linux security software

Avaya Labs Research has released Libsafe 2.0, the latest version of its free security software for Linux systems. According to the company, the new version of Libsafe shields servers from both buffer overflow and format string attacks. -- 3/23/2001

SANS Institute warns against 'Lion' Linux worm

Security experts have discovered a dangerous computer worm, dubbed 'Lion,' that spreads through Linux computers by exploiting a vulnerability in the BIND domain name system. -- 3/23/2001 Network World

Linux loves the slow economy

The main barrier to open source in the enterprise is CIO psychology. -- 3/23/2001

CeBit: mySAP comes to IBM eServers running Linux

IBM and SAP on Wednesday announced an agreement to deliver the mySAP e-business portal software on the zSeries of IBM's eServers running the Linux operating system. -- 3/22/2001 Infoworld

IBM adding supercomputer features to Linux server line

IBM today announced plans to port key cluster management and file system software technologies from its SP supercomputer and AIX operating systems to its Linux rack-mounted server line. -- 3/20/2001 Computerworld

Boeing uses Linux, AMD for rocket program

The aerospace vendor has implemented a 96-server Linux supercluster, developed by Linux NetworX and powered by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon processors, to run applications that support Boeing's latest rocket development program. -- 3/16/2001

SGI to offer Linux-based IA-64 Origin computer

Silicon Graphics (SGI) plans to introduce a version of its Origin 3000 series computer built around Intel's 64-bit IA-64 Itanium processor running Linux, according to SGI Chairman and CEO Robert Bishop. -- 3/16/2001 Infoworld

iceSculptor DTP software leaves you cold

We can't decide if it's half-frozen or half-baked, but after months of press releases and flashy booths at LinuxWorld Expo, Chilliware has at least delivered some software. -- 3/8/2001

Department of Defense to install Linux supercomputer

The US Department of Defense plans within the next few months to install a 512-processor Linux cluster -- capable of processing 478 billion calculations per second -- at a computing facility in Hawaii.-- 3/6/2001

IBM offers 10 percent discount on Linux servers for small businesses

Trying to broaden the appeal of Linux to smaller companies, IBM has announced a 10 percent discount on its Intel-based servers that come bundled with Linux and the company's Linux-based suite of middleware applications.-- 3/6/2001

Kylix does Linux, Delphi style

Borland has brilliantly married open-source technology with its mature Object Pascal compiler and debugger. Kylix is a self-contained development environment that's much easier to learn than Java and creates blindingly fast native code for Linux. -- 3/6/2001

Defense Department plans 512-processor Linux cluster

The Department of Defense said it plans within the next few months to install a 512-processor Linux cluster able to process 478 billion calculations per second at a computing facility in Hawaii for use in applications such as tracking and fighting wildfires across the country. -- 2/23/2001

Red Hat CTO to showcase mammoth Linux-based p-to-p network

A number of startup companies will be making their public debut at this week's O'Reilly Peer to Peer Conference in San Francisco, but Linux vendor Red Hat will be presenting details of a real-world p-to-p (peer-to-peer) application at one of the world's biggest Linux installations. -- 2/13/2001

Home-grown apps make life sweet at Dan's Chocolates

When the e-tailer's business plan changed, so did its decision to use large-scale software packages -- 2/12/2001 

Behind the Linus curtain

In a interview, Linux creator Linus Torvalds muses upon kernels, beer, and family. -- 2/9/2001 

SuSE to cut US staff

In a move designed to take advantage of Europe's lower personnel costs, German Linux vendor SuSE Linux AG will cut its U.S. staff by 66 percent, leaving only 15 employees in its California-based subsidiary. -- 2/5/2001 

Linux nerves

Linux is making lots of vendors nervous these days. Some, like the folks at IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co., are throwing money at Linux -- they hope to get in on the ground floor of the Next Big Thing. Others, like Microsoft Corp., are throwing whatever sticks and stones they can find -- they hope the buzz fades and the Linux bandwagon crashes and burns. --2/5/01 Computerworld

Linux faces deployment challenges

The release of the Linux 2.4 kernel won some praise from IT managers this week. But it won't necessarily win an immediate place in their deployment plans. -- 2/1/01 

Intel exec calls data center next frontier

In a preview of his Thursday morning keynote address at LinuxWorld Expo in New York, Intel's Will Swope on Wednseday said Linux developers should view the data center as the "next frontier" for the open-source operating system. -- 1/31/01 

Sun unveils Java for Linux appliances

Sun Microsystems Wednesday shipped two components of its J2ME (Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition) for Linux. The announcement beefs up Sun's support for embedded systems, an area into which the Linux operating system is moving more aggressively than ever. -- 1/31/01 

Server, embedded Linux top show's agenda

As day one of the LinuxWorld conference & exposition got under way in New York Wednesday, product announcements related to Linux in the server and embedded markets led the way. -- 2/1/01 News

IBM: Linux ready for mission-critical apps

In his keynote address that opened the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo on Wednesday, IBM president and CEO Sam Palmisano said the open source operating system is ready to go from being a "nice modular technology" for smaller business systems to being an integral platform for conducting "real e-business."-- 02/01/2001 

Hewlett-Packard extends Linux support

The company said Wednesday that it will soon offer support for Linux on 44 printers and also will ship servers and development tools aimed at users of the operating system.-- 01/31/2001 

IBM announces 64-way Linux server

The server is designed to bridge the gap between mainframes and servers using single Intel processors, and is the first designed to work with IBM's Linux Application Environment. IBM also announced an integrated Linux development suite for its PowerNP network processor.-- 01/31/2001 

Red Hat brings Eazel under its wing

Eazel secured a key partnership Monday when it announced that Red Hat will bundle Eazel's Nautilus software on all upcoming versions of Red Hat Linux.-- 01/30/2001 News

Server, desktop worlds collide at 'Linux-on-the-Hudson' expo

Linux adherents of all stripes gather this week to view the latest wares at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in New York. At the show, the Linux story will continue to be told as a tale of two platforms, with movement on the server side continuing to outpace desktop advances.-- 01/29/2001 News

IBM grows Linux database support

To mark its latest push in the open-source arena, Big Blue unveils new DB2 versions that vigorously support Linux. -- 12/18/2000 News

Competitors aim to give Sun a run in server market

Can Linux get enterprise-ready fast enough to threaten Sun's imposing midrange systems' lead. Several key vendors think so. -- 12/18/2000  News

Red Hat unveils Linux for Alpha

Compaq's Alpha platform once touted its support for Windows NT and UNIX. Now add Linux to the mix. -- 12/4/2000  News

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