Avici routing software incorporates MPLS

Avici Systems this week announced availability of a new version of its routing software that supports Multi-protocol Label Switching capabilities.

Version 3.0 of IPriori software for Avici's Terabit Switch Router (TSR) enables service providers to provision IP services by engineering traffic patterns in their networks based on routing rules. Those rules are applied using MPLS, which attaches labels to IP packets and flows that instruct routers and switches where to steer traffic.

MPLS is an emerging traffic-engineering standard that is useful for establishing private user groups in public IP network for services such as VPNs. It also can be used to better integrate ATM switches and routers, and to route in the presence of nonunique addresses.

Avici's MPLS implementation supports for as many as 15,000 tunnels. Combined with its composite links technology, which bundles multiple physical links together into a logical high-speed trunk, Avici's TSR enables rerouting of MPLS label switched paths in 15 milliseconds, the company claims.

Avici also says its MPLS implementation is interoperable with those of other router vendors through testing conducted at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. George Mason tested Avici's MPLS implementation with those from Cisco and Juniper, and found them to be fully interoperable, Avici says.

The list price for IPriori is $10,000.

This story, "Avici routing software incorporates MPLS" was originally published by Network World.

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