FCC gives nod to 60 GHz, 622 bit/sec radios

NORTH ANDOVER, MASS. -- Harmonix this week announced that it has received Federal Communications Commission certification for its GigaLink last-mile wireless broadband product.

GigaLink radios operate in the unlicensed 60 GHz band, allowing enterprises and carriers to deploy GigaLink units without worrying about license auctions and regulatory approval.

A 13-inch GigaLink antenna can provide 622M bit/sec full duplex speeds out to about 800 meters, Harmonix President and CEO Shigeaki Hakusui explains.

"We can make a very stable, short-distance connection at 60GHz," Hakusui says.

The GigaLink radios are point-to-point units, but can be used to create a mesh or star topography, according to Hakusui.

Hakusui believes Harmonix's radios will be deployed as an alternative to installing expensive last-mile fiber. He expects universities, large, multisite campuses, carriers and ISPs will be interested in GigaLink.

Weather will affect the GigaLink radios, but as long as the units aren't operating over long distances, their signals won't be affected, Hakusui says.

In addition to its 622M bit/sec unit, Harmonix produces a 156M bit/sec radio. The company is also working on a small, short distance radio that will compete with DSL and cable modems, Hakusui says.

GigaLink will be available in the first quarter of 2001. The radios will range in price, depending on size, starting at about $10,000 per unit and running up to $20,000.

Harmonix: www.hxi.com

This story, "FCC gives nod to 60 GHz, 622 bit/sec radios" was originally published by Network World.

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