Sun leads Unix server market, analysts claim

Market research firm IDC this week reported that Sun holds the lead over Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Compaq in the Unix server market.

Sun commanded a 48% market share of worldwide Unix server shipments, more Unix servers than HP, IBM and Compaq combined.

According to a third-quarter 2000 study of server revenue and shipments, Sun also received 39% of the revenue from Unix sales.

The study is divided into three categories ranging from entry-level to high-end servers.

In the entry-level range, Sun had a 49% market share, followed by HP and Compaq, each with 13%, and IBM with 10%.

In the midrange market, Sun captured 43%, HP 27%, IBM 10%, and Compaq 9%.

In the high-end server market, Sun fared the best. The company garnered 56% of the market, followed by IBM and HP.


This story, "Sun leads Unix server market, analysts claim" was originally published by Network World.

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