Yahoo offers encrypted e-mail

Yahoo Wednesday officially announced a feature that allows users of its e-mail service, Yahoo Mail, to send and receive encrypted messages.

The feature, offered through ZixIt's SecureDelivery service, has been in beta testing for some time now, Yahoo users said.

When a user chooses the "SecureDelivery" option, the e-mail message and attachments are encrypted and stored online, Yahoo said. The recipient is sent a notification and the message can be picked up from, a wholly owned subsidiary of ZixIt.

To read the message the recipient must enter a pass phrase. This will unlock a Web page secured by the Secure Sockets Layer standard.

Yahoo is the first of the major Web portals to provide an encryption service. Competition comes from Ireland Hush Communications through and by Mountain View, Calif.

Another well-known option for sending scrambled messages is with software such as Network Associates' Pretty Good Privacy. This requires that sending and receiving parties install software and create encryption keys. There is, however, no limitation as to what e-mail address is used.

The new Yahoo service is free of charge and available to anyone with an e-mail address.

Yahoo in Santa Clara, is at ZixIt in Dallas, is at

This story, "Yahoo offers encrypted e-mail" was originally published by Network World.

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