Net management wares to debut at ComNet

Attendees of the annual ComNet conference this month can expect to see a slew of new network and applications management products, including several designed to help customers get more out of their current management systems.

Managed Objects plans to introduce two more modules to its flagship Formula product, which extracts and consolidates data from different management systems and presents it to network managers from one console. Now the company has added support for NetIQ, a systems management product for Windows NT and 2000, and Hewlett-Packard's OpenView VantagePoint, distributed client/server software that collect network information across an enterprise.

The Formula package consists of server software that supports a Java Virtual Machine, plus agents that reside on servers running other management software. Network administrators can tap into the information collected and correlated by Formula from any desktop browser.

"The industry has moved away from the all-encompassing solutions," says Rich Ptak, a vice president at Hurwitz Group. "Now users need tools to help them use what they already have more effectively and efficiently with module technology."

Pricing starts at $100,000 per licensed Formula server, and from $15,000 to $30,000 per adapter.

Separately, Tavve Software is rolling out its latest management offering, which comes courtesy of the company's September 1999 acquisition of Onion Peel Solutions, which develops technology that extends the capabilities of HP OpenView. Tavve will introduce software to link its EventWatch correlation software product with the Onion Peel Amerigo network mapping product. The company says the combination will help network managers pinpoint network faults, as well as create a customized map of the network identifying the location of the faults. This will reduce time in troubleshooting the source of network problems.

The linking software will be free, though of course customers would need to have EventWatch and Amerigo first. Tavve's EventWatch costs $100 per managed node.

Also at ComNet:

  • Concord Communications plans to announce a new version of its eHealth product suite targeting telcos and other service providers.
  • RiverSoft will host an interactive booth that lets attendees get an ROI analysis of their network free of charge. RiverSoft will have industry analysts at its booth taking information from conference attendees about their networks or companies. Attendees will walk away with a look at how a network management product could help their company save money.
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