Avici Systems to ship OC-192c interface cards

BOXBOROUGH, MASS. -- Avici Systems last week announced it will ship OC-192c interfaces for its Internet core router next month.

With the availability of its 10G bit/sec OC-192c/STM-64 line cards, Avici becomes the second Internet core router vendor to ship concatenated -- or "clear channel" -- OC-192 interfaces on its platform. Juniper Networks has been shipping for almost a year, while Cisco is expected to ship this quarter.

The single-port OC-192c line cards occupy two slots in a 40-slot Avici Terabit Switch Router (TSR) bay. A single bay, comprising four 10-slot shelves, can house up to 20 OC-192c interfaces, Avici says.

Juniper's M160 router can support up to eight OC-192c ports, while analysts believe Cisco's 12016 GSR will sport up to 16 OC-192c interfaces. Juniper also has some packet ordering issues with the M160 and OC-192c (Juniper packet ordering issues)

Despite the density, some analysts do not believe Avici's OC-192c capabilities will translate into significant market share gains against Cisco and Juniper.

"Most of [those vendors] already have customers committed to them in terms of OC-192 deployment. But it's definitely an important step for Avici," says Muayyad Al-Chalabi, director of core switching and routing research at RHK in San Francisco.

According to the Dell'Oro Group, Avici had less than 1% of the $680.6 million market for Internet core routers in the third quarter of 2000. Cisco had 69% and Juniper had 30%.

Cisco and Juniper, however, had to roll out new chassis to house their OC-192c interfaces. Avici's customers will not have to undergo a similar "forklift" upgrade, says Steve Duffy, Avici product marketing manager.

Avici is shipping a channelized OC-192 line card that supports four multiplexed 2.5G bit/sec channels on a single 10G bit/sec OC-192 link. The OC-192c supports a single 10G bit/sec payload while the channelized module lets service providers support four 2.5G bit/sec payloads over the same 10G bit/sec link.

Avici also announced last week a dual-port OC-48c module that extends the number of OC-48c ports per TSR bay from 40 to 80. That line card will also ship this quarter, Avici says.

The new OC-192c and OC-48c line cards support Avici's Composite Link technology, which lets customers dynamically aggregate multiple interfaces to create a single, logical, high-speed trunk between routers. Users can also migrate from OC-48 to OC-192 while their routers and networks are in service, Duffy claims.

Duffy would not divulge the names of customers trialing or deploying OC-192 or OC-192c. But one customer is expected to announce OC-192 capabilities soon.

The OC-192c line card will carry a list price of $295,000, while the dual-port OC-48c cards will cost $145,000.

This story, "Avici Systems to ship OC-192c interface cards" was originally published by Network World.

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