VA Linux announces 2.4 kernel availability

VA Linux Systems Wednesday announced it has issued its first preproduction release of the new Linux 2.4 kernel, aimed at end users who want to test the kernel on their systems.

The kernel is available as an executable binary compiled and packaged in the RPM -- Red Hat Package Manager -- and DEB -- Debian -- formats. Full production release of the 2.4 kernel on VA Linux servers and storage systems is expected later in 2001, the company said in a statement.

The long-awaited 2.4 kernel provides better performance and expanded support for Internet and enterprise-level requirements.

The new features include the following:

  • Improved multiprocessor performance.
  • Expanded system memory up to 64G bytes.
  • Logical volume manager to spread large file systems over multiple hard disks.
  • Ext3 journaling file system support.
  • Advanced power management.

    The 2.4 Linux kernel was officially released on Jan. 5 by Linus Torvalds, the creator of the open-source operating system.

    VA Linux Systems, in Sunnyvale, Calif., is at 408-542-8600, or at

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