Dell, Unisys close $1 billion deal

Dell and Unisys late Tuesday announced an agreement to sell notebooks, desktops and servers from one another's lines over the next 3 years that could amount to $1 billion in sales between them. The deal also will extend some Unisys services to Dell end users.

The agreement calls for Dell to buy 16-processor and 32-processor CMP systems from Unisys and sell them under the Dell brand name. Dell will serve as the direct service and support contact for users that buy those systems, but will partner with Unisys to provide installation, maintenance and technical support.

For its part, Unisys will buy dual-, quad- and eight-processor PowerEdge servers from Dell and resell them under the Unisys brand name. Unisys will provide its own support and service for those systems.

Unisys also will provide managed network services and standard rollout services for Dell end users installing OptiPlex desktops, Latitude notebooks and single-processor PowerEdge servers.

This story, "Dell, Unisys close $1 billion deal" was originally published by Network World.

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