Security vendors converge at ComNet

Amidst the networking and telecommunications buzz at ComNet Conference and Expo on Tuesday, security companies are doing their best to drum up interest in protecting many of those same network and IP infrastructures on display.

SafeNet held a press conference at ComNet Tuesday to unveil a partnership with firewall specialist Zone Labs Inc. to integrate both companies' VPN technologies to secure and educate remote access users of potential vulnerability risks.

Based in Palisades Park, N.J., SafeNet also announced the availability of its SecureIP technology for customized and rapid delivery of security. The technology is geared toward developers and integrators. Elements of SafeNet VPN encryption technology will be adapted in single or multiple implementations for developers licensing the technology, according to SafeNet CTO Mike Kaplan.

SecureIP can be licensed in implementations that include Encryption Engines -- DES/3DES, RC4, Rijndael (AES); Hash Engines -- SHA-1, MD5, RIPEMD-128/160; Packet Engines -- IPSec, SSL, TLS, WTLS, Ipcomp; Public Key Accelerator; entropy-based True Random Number Generator (RNG), and Deflate Compression Engine.

In other ComNet security news, Reston, Va.-based TruSecure Corp. announced its Advanced Application Certification, geared toward Web-based application security. Intended as a complement to TruSecure's information security suite, the certification will allow enterprises and service providers to show that proper steps were taken to safeguard customers' data and systems, said Dave Capuano, TruSecure vice president of product management. The Advanced Application Certification program will be conducted annually.

Also, VHB Technologies Inc., a Richardson, Texas-based content intelligence provider, debuted its first product, the VHB-2000 appliance, at the conference. The appliance protects and manages high-speed infrastructures by extracting network traffic information from all seven layers of the OSI stack for content searches of up to 512 bytes, said company officials in a released statement.

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