RSA Security upgrades PKI software

BEDFORD, MASS. -- RSA Security this week will unveil an upgraded version of its public-key infrastructure software, adding support for digital certificates from multiple vendors and making it easier for security administrators to register users to receive certificates through an automated download process.

Available for Windows NT or Unix, RSA's Keon 5.5 suite includes a certificate server for managing user registration and a security server for storing the digital credentials. Users get client software that lets a Keon X.509 certificate -- and now certificates from Baltimore, Netscape and IBM -- be used in multiple applications for signing electronic documents, encrypting them or simply proving identity on the Web.

Previously, Keon only supported certificates from RSA and VeriSign. Soon, RSA plans to add support for Microsoft certificates, says Lina Liberty, RSAs director of product management.

RSA says Keon 5.5 expands the options for certificate registration by letting users authenticate to an NT LAN.

RSA says it makes sure a single certificate will work with various applications, such as secure e-mail. This week, RSA adds Web access and control products from Netegrity, nCommerce, Internet Dynamics and Securant to its list of Keon-certified applications.

Keon 5.5 can cost as little as $1 per user or as much as $200 per user, depending on number of users, with 500 users being the breaking point where prices drop substantially. Special starter packages of 100-user licenses are available for $5,000.

This story, "RSA Security upgrades PKI software" was originally published by Network World.

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