Gillette outsources all sites

Computer World –

The Gillette Co. in Boston announced it will consolidate all hosting and operations management of its global Web sites this year, relying on two outsourcing vendors.

Exodus Communications Inc. in Santa Clara, Calif., now hosts 12 of the company's Web sites, while Redwood City, Calif.-based Certainty Solutions Inc. provides systems monitoring, network services and enhanced site performance, said Jim Easton, director of enterprise applications at Gillette. He said he expects the vendors to eventually host and operate all 25 of Gillette's Web sites from a central location in northern Virginia.

The goal is to ensure more consistent service levels across the company's sites, Easton said.

"It's a common reason for turning to an outsourcer to deal with a management issue," said Joel Yaffe, an analyst at Giga Information Group Inc. in Cambridge, Mass.

Once the management of its sites is centralized, Web visitors getting information about, for instance, Gillette's Braun line of products, which are developed in Germany, would receive the same service level as those who go to the site of Gillette's U.S.-based Duracell unit.

"When you have content developers scattered around the world, a company wants to put a consistent face forward to its public," said Counse Broders, an analyst at Current Analysis Inc. in Sterling, Va.

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