New Web domains will be a boon to recruiting –

Dot-com (.com) -- it's been the main domain of the Internet, at least in the US, since the advent of the World Wide Web. Sure there are others, including dot-org (.org), dot-edu (.edu), dot-gov (.gov), and dot-net (.net), but the most widely known domain is the one that designates commercial organizations. Indeed, over 20 million dot-com sites have been registered, and finding an unclaimed name has become increasingly difficult.

Help is on the way, however. The board that oversees the Internet's addressing system, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has selected seven new domains to help ease the dot-com overcrowding. They are:

  • dot-inf (.inf) and dot-biz (.biz) for general use
  • dot-pro (.pro) for professionals
  • dot-name (.name) for personal Websites
  • dot-museum (.museum) for museums
  • dot-aero (.aero) for airline groups
  • dot-coop (.coop) for business cooperatives

The new domains will not go into effect until next spring but, when they do, they will be a boon to recruiting. How? By conducting a domain search. That technique lets you explore all the sites registered in a specific domain to find those that include terms of interest to you (e.g., industry experience, occupational skills, educational degrees). Here's how a domain search works:

  • Step 1: Go to the AltaVista search engine

  • Step 2: Click on the Advanced Search feature in the left toolbar.

  • Step 3: In the search criteria box, enter the following Boolean string:

    domain:pro AND (the skills you're seeking in a candidate OR the industry experience you require) AND NOT (job OR opening OR apply OR submit)

That string will identify all the documents in the new professionals domain that include the skill/industry criteria you've identified, while eliminating that subset of those documents that also contain terms suggesting they are job postings.

You could perform a similar search in other domains in which prospective candidates may register documents (i.e., .name, .biz). Your yield from all the new Web regions will depend, of course, on how quickly they are accepted and used. They're worth keeping an eye on, however, because most of your competitors won't.

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