Report from Wi-Fi Planet Fall 2004

Farpoint Group –

The Wi-Fi Planet show, held twice a year to this point (four are planned for next year), has become a gathering place for the WLAN industry. It's not yet an enterprise/end-user show; the focus is on technology and the WLAN industry selling products to itself. But the products you'll be buying, and the technologies that go into them, were on display at the Fall show, which went on last week in San Jose coupled with a comprehensive conference program. I'm always happy to speak at this event, and I chaired three sessions this year. More on those in a moment. First, though, here's a look at what was hot on the show floor:

*PCTEL was showing its Segue (pronounced "segway") family of WLAN access solutions. These include a soft access point called SAM and the Segue Roaming Client, which provides universal login access to differing WLAN and WWAN networks. The idea here is to hide all of the details from the user, and it's sold to carriers who remarket it to users of their services. I wonder, though, whether this needs to be something that IT departments take an active interest in. After all, a diversity of networks requiring a diversity of client software will soon become unmanageable

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