WLAN performance and availability: Challenges and solutions

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802.11-based WLANs are deceptively easy to set up. But enterprise network users are accustomed to high levels of performance and reliability, levels that WLANs often can't reach - at least not right out of the box. These articles describe the current state of performance and availability for WLANs, and offer tips and tools for improving those qualities in your own setup.

Wireless LAN performance improvements

Type: Tutorial

Source: SmallNetBuilder Maximize wireless LAN performance

Type: Feature

Source: Small Business Computing Enhancements and performance evaluation of wireless local area networks

Type: Research

Source: Simon Fraser University The critical issue of operational support

Type: Feature

Source: Wi-Fi Planet Interference from cordless phones

Type: Feature

Source: Wi-Fi Planet Simplified WLAN analysis: Using AirMagnet to improve your WLAN

Type: Product information

Source: ISP Planet Understanding wireless antennas

Type: Tip

Source: SearchNetworking.com Researchers see trouble ahead for WLAN performance

Type: News

Source: IDG News Service Scanning the airwaves

Type: Feature

Source: Network Computing Wireless LANs: Support and maintenance

Type: Opinion

Source: Farpoint Group

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