Location-based services: Has their time finally come?

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Location-based services (LBSs) are those services that provide information to wireless device users based on their physical location - supplying a map of the area, say, or telling the user about nearby stores or restaurants. A search for this term on the Internet reveals that pundits have been predicting an LBS revolution for years now, with no immediate explosion in sight. Still, there is some motion on this front, especially in Europe and Asia. These links will give you the skinny on the present and future of this potentially lucrative market.

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Type: Feature

Source: IBM developerWorks Can geo-location services find the way?

Type: Feature

Source: ZDNet Solving mobile challenges with psychology-driven information architecture

Type: Research

Source: Boxes and Arrows It's the (location-based) applications, stupid!

Type: Opinion

Source: Wireless Developer Network Cell phone maps for pedestrians

Type: Product information

Source: The Register A phone that finds you

Type: Feature

Source: Forbes Locating wireless revenue and value

Type: Feature

Source: CyberAtlas Location-based service zone

Type: Weblog

Source: LBSzone.com Location-based services pump up cell phones, but remain clunky

Type: Feature

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press Location-based services: Finding their place in the market

Type: Feature

Source: Wireless Week

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