Opportunities and pitfalls for wireless content providers

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Most observers agree that there is a good deal of money to be made in delivering content - in both text and multimedia format - to wireless handheld devices like phones and PDAs. But most content and infrastructure providers are wary of following the "build it now, figure out how to profit from it later" model that bankrupted so many Internet companies in the late 1990s. These links will give you an understanding of what the wireless content market looks like now. You'll see some of the early moves into the market, and analysis - both optimistic and pessimistic - of what's to come.

Buongiorno.com: A case study

Type: Case Study

Source: Nokia Forum Winning the wireless content game

Type: Feature

Source: Ovum Does wireless have a model?

Type: Feature

Source: EContent Sprint gets Real for wireless content

Type: Feature

Source: Cnet Momentum building for wireless alerts, content

Type: Feature

Source: Instant Messaging Planet The next phase for wireless content

Type: Research

Source: Ovum Smaller Korean portals skeptical about mobile internet

Type: Feature

Source: Korea Herald MTV and Motorola rock the mobile world with three-year, $75 million alliance

Type: Product Information

Source: Motorola Media Center AT&T Wireless hops on dating, MMS bandwagons

Type: Feature

Source: Instant Messaging Planet Getting the right SMS ad message out

Type: Feature

Source: Instant Messaging Planet

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