Getting edgy with applications on demand –

Content delivery networks (CDNs), the trusty services so many of us use to speed the delivery of broadband content, are giving way to application delivery networks (ADNs) as Web services and on-demand computing take center stage. The need today is to move applications and computing resources, not just Web content, to the network's edge.


Computing at the edge

Source: Sun Microsystems

Type: White paper CDN and application distribution

Source: IBM

Type: Resource Acceleration of Web service workflow execution through edge computing

Source: NEC Laboratories America, Inc.

Type: White paper Akamai EdgeComputing

Source: Akamai

Type: White paper


Web services on the edge

Source: IT-Director

Type: Feature Delivering under pressure

Source: EContent

Type: Feature


TextToSpeech: a Heavy-weight Edge Service

Source: International World Wide Web Conference Committee

Type: White paper Market connectivity long-term FIX

Source: OpenFinance

Type: Feature Seneca project: An on-demand application


Type: Resource


MCI rolls out enterprise content delivery service

Source: IDG News Service

Type: News IBM, Akamai say 'on demand' is 'in demand'


Type: News IBM, Akamai boost "virtual capacity"


Type: News Netli unveils application delivery network

Source: theWHIR

Type: News

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