IAnywhere extends Pylon software

Sybase Inc. subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions Inc. has updated software designed to push e-mail out to wireless devices from enterprise servers, adding support for mail attachments, it announced Monday.

The Pylon family of software includes a number of components designed to push e-mail out to wireless devices, or to synchronize mail stored on a handheld device with that on a desktop PC or server.

The Pylon Anywhere server component works with Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange 5.5 and 2000, or IBM Corp.'s Lotus Notes 4.6 and 5.x, while versions for Exchange 2003 and Lotus Notes 6 should appear by early in the fourth quarter, according to iAnywhere's director of business development, Tina Lorentz.

Pylon Anywhere combines iAnywhere's Mail Anywhere software with another package, Pylon PIM, developed by AvantGo Inc. That company was acquired by Sybase in February and subsequently merged with iAnywhere.

The new version adds support for e-mail attachments -- although the level of support depends on the wireless device used. For now, Pylon Anywhere can copy or synchronize e-mail containing attachments from the corporate mail server over a wireless link to handheld devices running Microsoft Corp.'s PocketPC software, as long as the attachment is in a format that can be read on the device.

Users of other wireless devices are less lucky. Users of cell phones that support WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) can access the server software to read their mail wirelessly, but they can't view attachments, Lorentz said, while users of handheld devices running PalmSource Inc.'s PalmOS will have to wait until the third quarter before they can access e-mail attachments wirelessly.

With other components of the Pylon suite, it's possible to transfer e-mail attachments -- and a stack of other information -- onto a handheld device by connecting it into a desktop PC, Lorentz said. Pylon Conduit will synchronize e-mail, calendar entries, contacts, task lists and expenses information between the handheld and the desktop machine, while Pylon Pro adds the ability to synchronize information stored in customized Lotus Notes applications too. This software is almost unchanged since the acquisition of AvantGo, she said.

Pricing for the products ranges from US$75 for a copy of Pylon Conduit up to $299 for the server software, according to an iAnywhere public relations representative. Volume discounts are available.

The products are immediately available, direct from iAnywhere or through its distributors, Lorentz said.

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