Intel plans lip-reading boost for voice recognition

Intel Corp. has released software which enables a computer to perform a similar task to human lip-reading, as an aid to existing sound-based voice recognition systems, the company said Monday.

The Audio Visual Speech Recognition (AVSR) software should improve the accuracy of speech-recognition software under difficult conditions, especially those involving background noise, Intel said in a statement.

The aim of AVSR is to enable computers to synchronize the video data captured on camera with the sound data to come up with more accurate speech recognition. AVSR is part of Intel's OpenCV computer vision library, a toolbox of imaging functions for developing computer vision applications, which contains a number of face detection algorithms.

With the speed of today's microprocessors, falling camera prices and much greater video capture bandwidth from technologies like Universal Serial Bus 2, mainstream PCs are capable of running real-time computer vision algorithms, Intel said.

OpenCV is an open-source code library which has seen more than 500,000 code downloads to date, Intel said.

Information about AVSR can be found at

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