Alcatel forges deal with Nigeria's Globacom

Alcatel SA and Nigeria's second national telecommunications operator Globacom Ltd. have forged a US$10 billion deal to roll out 1 million GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) lines in more than 32 cities in the west African nation.

The deal involves adding 100,000 fixed wireless local loops, three international gateways, a fiber optics backbone ring and transmission equipment across the country. The GSM lines are expected to be in place in the first two weeks of January.

The aim is to provide affordable telecommunications, as well as high-speed broadband with digital voice and data transmission, Globacom said. The deal is expected to allow less expensive Internet access in Nigerian cities.

Globacom has said it is committed to providing 1.9 million cellular telephone lines within five years and 1.4 million fixed lines.

Alcatel and Globacom executives signed the deal recently in Paris, where Alcatel is based.

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