NEC unveils SX-7 supercomputer –

NEC Corp. will begin selling in December a new supercomputer in its SX series that offers improvements in several areas over its current top-of-the range model and much higher performance, a spokesman said Thursday.

The SX-7 boasts a peak vector performance of up to 282.5G Flops (floating point operations per second) per node, which is a more than three times increase over that of the company's SX-6 supercomputer that was launched in October 2001. In its maximum multi-node configuration, the machine has a peak vector performance of 18.1T Flops, said NEC.

The performance increases seen in the SX-7 are the result of work in several areas, including an increase in the amount of memory that can be shared in each node. The SX-7 supports up to 256G bytes of memory per node, up from 64G bytes in NEC's SX-6 machine, and the maximum data transfer rate has been increased from 256G bytes per second to 1.13T bytes per second, said NEC in a statement.

Each SX-7 node supports up to 32 processors, which is four times as many as the SX-6, and each of the NEC-developed custom processors has also been improved. They now runs at a clock speed of 8.83G Flops, compared to 8G Flops on the SX-6.

Multi-node configurations of the computer can run from two to 64 nodes meaning support for from 16 to 2,048 processors and up to 16T bytes of memory.

As a member of the SX series, the machine will run software developed for NEC's Super UX supercomputer operating system.

The machine has a basic monthly rental price of

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