Canon to launch Ixy camera with built-in Wi-Fi

Canon Inc. will launch a version of its compact Ixy digital still camera with built-in Wi-Fi in Japan this December, the company said Tuesday.

The Ixy Digital Wireless (Canon uses the Ixus brand name in some markets) is Canon's first camera with built-in Wi-Fi and will offer users the ability to automatically transfer pictures to a personal computer via the wireless link as the pictures are taken. It will also be possible to remotely control the camera from the PC.

Wireless printing will also be possible via a printer adapter that will ship bundled with the camera. The camera and adapter will come preprogrammed to work together so users will be spared the tedious task of setting up the Wi-Fi link between the two devices. A printer with USB port and PictBridge is required for the wireless printing function to work. PictBridge is a standard that allows devices like cameras to control printers.

The camera's specifications are similar to those of the Ixy Digital 60, which went on sale in September. The new camera has a 5-megapixel image sensor and 3X optical zoom lens.

It measures 99 millimeters by 54 mm by 22 mm and weighs 130 grams, which isn't much changed from the Ixy Digital 60. The new camera is wider, at 99 mm versus 86 mm for the Ixy Digital 60, but the height and depth are almost unchanged. The Ixy Digital Wireless is about 10 grams lighter than the Ixy Digital 60.

It will be available in Japan from December and will cost about

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