Wireless LAN group publishes draft specification

The Enhanced Wireless Consortium (EWC) has published its draft specification for high-speed wireless LANs on its Web site, the group said Friday.

The group went public on Monday and said it had developed a compromise draft specification to help speed up development of the IEEE 802.11n standard.

The EWC includes some of the biggest players in wireless LANs, such as Intel Corp., Broadcom Corp., Atheros Communications Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. The group, which claimed 27 members at launch on Monday, now lists 30 members on its Web site.

The EWC draft specification is a compromise between two technical approaches proposed for IEEE 802.11n, which is intended as an open standard for wireless LANs that deliver at least 100M bps (bits per second), EWC officials said earlier this week.

Airgo Networks Inc., one of the biggest vendors of chips used today in pre-standard high-speed gear, said on Tuesday that the chip vendors behind the EWC had developed the specification in private and provided access to it in a discriminatory way. Airgo has not joined the group.

The text of the EWC specification is available for free at http://www.enhancedwirelessconsortium.org/home.

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