WLAN architecture requires extra planning

Computing South Africa –

Wireless networking on small and large scales is currently all the rage. Communicating digitally across the air, using various techniques, most commonly radio waves, has caught the attention of businesses and consumers everywhere, and the broader range of mobile solutions which this new cable-free type of network can offer places even more value behind the wireless prospect.

While deploying a wireless LAN (WLAN) environment in enterprise headquarters at first appears as simple as adding a wireless access point (AP) to the architecture, the cabling system connecting this AP to the necessarily wired backbone of the live business network is not always quite this simple.

In fact, from an architecture perspective, planning for the inclusion of such devices on the LAN remains crucially important, so that the cabling and infrastructure underpinning a wireless roll-out will be in place, capable of supporting this value-add to the corporate LAN and extracting the maximum potential from such a solution.

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