Swsoft adds Itanium support to virtualization software

SWsoft has announced that its Virtuozzo for Linux server virtualization software now supports Itanium. In the process, it claimed to be the first product to offer Itanium-based virtualization as both host and guest.

The company claimed that each of its virtual machines -- dubbed virtual private servers (VPS) -- comes with quality of service guarantees and the ability to automatically scale to the full server, based on resource requirements.

The product creates multiple isolated VPSes on a single physical server, enabling each to perform and execute exactly like a stand-alone server. This means OS-level virtualization, unlike other hardware emulation approaches to virtualization, the company said.

Claimed benefits include:

- High Performance: Efficient technology with near-zero overhead;

- Expansive Hardware and Software Support: Complete platform parity and interaction with existing OS and hardware; supports native 32 and 64-bit systems, 16-CPU SMP support and 64GB of RAM;

- Unmatched Scalability and Density: A single physical server can house tens or hundreds of VPSs with each VPS scaling up to the full capacity of the server;

- Complete Isolation: Each VPS is isolated for maximum security; one VPS cannot affect another VPS on the same server;

- Robust Resource Management: Control over CPU, memory, disk and network input/output;

- High Availability: Migrate VPS(es) from one server to another with minimal downtime;

- Powerful Toolsets: Self management of large and potentially remote groups of servers and VPSs;

- Open Architecture and API: Built on industry standards and ready for third party developers, ISVs and OEMs;

- Rapid return on investment: Lower hardware, software and management costs minimizes total cost of ownership.

Company CEO Serguei Beloussov said: "Our support of the Itanium processor distinguishes Virtuozzo from other server virtualization technologies because we provide complete 64-bit support. While hardware emulation companies only offer host-level support, Virtuozzo fully utilizes the computing power of 64-bit Itanium-based servers."

"SWsoft has created a server virtualization and resource management solution for high-end computing that takes advantage of the power of Intel Itanium processor

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