Vodafone subscriber numbers rise in second quarter

Vodafone Group PLC saw its annual average revenue per user (ARPU) decline in three of its five largest markets during the quarter to June 30, but gained 6 million customers through acquisitions and 4.1 million through organic growth, taking it to 165 million customers worldwide.

Almost half a million new customers joined Vodafone's German network during the quarter, and the company made a net gain of 368,000 users in Spain, it said Monday. The acquisition of networks in the Czech Republic and Romania also added to subscriber numbers, it said.

Vodafone reports subscriber numbers proportionate to its holding in the network so, for example, it only claims 76.9 percent of the customers of the Italian network as its own, in line with its shareholding in the joint venture. The company reported a gain of 204,000 customers in Italy during the quarter.

The company reported a decline in ARPU in three of its five key markets.

In Germany, annual ARPU slipped to

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