VMware announces per-socket pricing

VMware has announced that it's to follow most major software vendors and price its dual-core enabled products on a per-socket basis. Unlike Oracle, which recently announced Byzantine conditions to its multicore pricing in a bid to drag itself into line with the rest of the industry, VMware could hardly do anything different. As the vendor of virtualization software enabling virtual machines -- multiple machines on a single processor -- it would be inconsistent in the extreme for the company to do otherwise.

VMware said all its server products will fully support dual-core processors and that "dual-core systems are a sweet-spot for virtualization and anyone deploying a dual-core system should implement VMware virtual infrastructure if they want to harness the full potential of their systems."

VMware GSX Server 3.2, released this month, is VMware's first server product to support dual-core chips. The next releases of VMware's data center products, VMware ESX Server and VMware VirtualCenter, will complete the company's delivery of support for dual-core systems across its entire product line. GSX Server 3.2 also adds support for 64-bit operating systems along a range of bug fixes.

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