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This ever-growing collection of facts and figures gives a snapshot of the state of utility computing and related technologies, including Web services, grid computing, and virtualization.


Share of respondents to the latest Evans Data Web services/SOA development survey who say they have implemented an SOA.

Source: ZDNet 89%, 61%, 40%

Large enterprises, medium-sized enterprises and SMBs respectively that are currently using service-oriented architecture (SOA) or plan to be using it by the end of 2005, according to a Forrester Research survey of 116 corporate decision makers.

source: SearchOracle.com $10.7 billion

Amount IDG predicts will be spent on software-as-a-service worldwide in 2009.

source: InfoWorld 40% CAGR

A new AMI-Partners study projects that SMB adoption of software-as-services will grow at 40% CAGR over the next four years.

source: BusinessWire Virtual savings - 24%, 16%, 19%

Average savings by early adopters of storage virtualization on hardware, software, and NAS administration respectively.

source: InformationWeek Grid computing ramping up

The most recent Oracle Grid Index (OGI), which measures the growth of grid computing in businesses worldwide, shows North America (with an OGI of 4.50) holding a slight lead over Europe (4.39) and Asia Pacific (4.37) - for those of you who are keeping score.

source: eChannelLine SOA's tipping point

Approximately 52 percent of respondents to a recent IDG Research survey reported being familiar with SOA, and 42 percent of that group believe SOA will be a critical or high priority at their companies in the next 12 months.

Source: InfoWorld $714.9 million - $19.2 billion

The jump in worlwide grid spending from 2005 to 2001, as predicted by an Insight Research report that examined grid spending in 14 vertical industries.

Source: Insight Research $8.1 billion

Worldwide sales of hosted software in 2007, as predicted by IDC.

Source: ADTmag.com 37%, 30%

37% of 150 companies surveyed by Forrester Research say they have begun some form of grid technology implementation. An additional 30% are considering grid computing.

Source: NetworkWorld Fusion 25% - 40%

Virtualization will be one of the drivers behind an increase in CPU utilization rates from the current 25% to 40% by 2008, predicts Gartner analyst Tom Bittman.

Source: Computerworld 40%

Number of IT jobs Gartner predicts will be lost in the next 10 years due to utility computing.

Source: CRN 40-60-20

40% of Web services developers surveyed believe that Web services lessens the need for EAI; 60% said that Web services can help lower the cost of EAI implementations; 20% said the biggest hurdle for Web services is interfacing with legacy code.

Source: Evans Data Corp. Subscription-based pricing: 1-in-3 v. 2-to-1

According to a study sponsored by Macrovision, the Software & Information Industry Association, and the Centralized Electronic Licensing User Group, one-in-three software companies offers as its primary model subscription-based pricing, while by a two-to-one margin eneterprise customers prefer a perpetual licensing model.

Source: PC World 48 percent of companies use Web services

A new Yankee Group survey of 437 enterprises found that 48 percent have already deployed Web services, and an additional 39 percent will deploy Web services in 2005.

Source: Line56 75% to invest in SOAs

A recent Yankee Group survey of enterprise buyers found that 75% plan to put money into service-oriented architectures (SOAs) in 2005, with the biggest investments coming from the telemcom, manufacturing, financial services, and health care markets.

Source: SearchWebServices.com 1$ per processor per hour

Pricing for Sun's recently announced utility computing service, part of its N1 Grid program.

Source: IDG News Service 7 percent; 3 percent

A report by research firm Quocirca (sponsored by Oracle) found that 7% of IT staff surveyed use grids, while an additional 3 percent have test programs planned.

Source: CNET News.com 20.6

Q2 2004 results of the Merrill Lynch On-Demand Index, up a tenth of a point over Q1. The index measures the software industry's use of on-demand licensing (a score of 100 indicates a pure on-demand model).

Source: ITutilitypipeline 6,000 computers; 78 sites; 15 Petabytes/year

With 6,000 computers at 78 international sites, the Large Hadron Collider Computing Grid is the world's largest working computing Grid and the first permanent worldwide Grid for doing real science. The grid is being built to handle the vast volume (15 Petabytes per year) of data produced by particle physics experiments at the Large Hadron Collider.

Source: SpaceRef.com 59 Percent

Number of midmarket companies (1,000 to 1,999 employees) that plan to deploy Web services in the next 12 months.

Source: ZDNet 70+% Web services; 35% utility services

More than 70% of repondents to a survey conducted by ITutilitypipeline and Summit Strategies said they had already deployed Web services or planned to deploy them within the next 12 months, while 35% of respondents said they plan to evaluate utility computing services, virutalization, and blade servers during that period.

Source: ITutilitypipeline 75 percent

Number of companies surveyed by Nemertes Research who are using XML Web services to communicate with external partners. Eight percent are using grid computing.

Source: InternetWeek.com Virtual profitability

Virtual systems are not only trendy, they're also profitable. Citrix reported an increase in year-over-year revenue of nearly 25% - from $143.0 million in Q2 2003 to $178.3 million in Q2 2004. Big gains were also seen by EMC subsidiary VMware, which reported $47.2 million in revenue in Q2 2004, a 200% increase over Q2 2003.

Source: IT-Director.com 75%, 37%

The results are in, and things are looking good for grid. A new survey from Evans Data Corp. found that grid computing adoption has risen by 75% in the past 6 months, with 37% of database developers reporting that they are currently implementing or plan to implement grid computing.

Source: Evans Data Corp. $12 billion

Value of the grid computing market in 2007, as predicted by IDC.

Source: internetnews.com

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