VOIP: Do not expect immediate savings

Computing South Africa –

South Africa is standing poised to make the most of the recent telecoms deregulation by implementing technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

With vendors such as Cisco Systems Inc. claiming to be replacing around six thousand business handsets per day with IP-based telephones, and the larger PABX vendors preaching clear migration paths to IP, this is definitely the way in which the industry is moving.

Tim Parsonson, Storm Internet CEO, says that, given the local price differential, the uptake of VOIP will be significantly faster than it was overseas, where VOIP is as pervasive as PTN telecoms communications.

Wolfgang Held, network consultant at 3Com SA, echoes this sentiment, saying that enterprises are also ready for VOIP, because many are using PBX systems nearing the end of their six- to eight-year life cycle.

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