Apple software makes advances in the mobile market –

Apple Computer Inc.'s gentle push toward the mobile market continues, as wireless carriers Verizon Wireless Inc. and SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings Ltd. adopt QuickTime.

U.S. carrier Verizon Wireless is using QuickTime as the desktop player for its getFLIX video messaging service, so users can send video over 3G networks that is then played back using QuickTime. Users can also create multimedia content on their Mac using QuickTime Pro to share with other getFLIX users.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong data services mobile operator, SmarTone, is using Xserve and QuickTime Streaming Server as the mobile delivery platform for its SmarTone IN multimedia service. This offers a variety of streamed content that is streamed directly to the mobile.

Apple and U.S. provider Sprint Corp. also recently announced the latter firm would be using QuickTime and Xserves to deliver multimedia to mobiles.

Apple's director of QuickTime product marketing, Frank Casanova, will deliver a keynote speech at the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association (CTIA's) Wireless IT and Entertainment 2004 event in San Francisco.

In July, Apple announced an alliance with Motorola Inc. using a new iTunes mobile music player, which will be able to transfer songs using Bluetooth or USB directly to enabled Motorola handsets.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said:

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