Microsoft Windows after 25 years: A visual history

Windows has come a long way since 1985. Where will it go next?

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Windows NT 3.1: Bill Gates hails "fundamental change"

Release date: July 27, 1993

NT stood for "new technology," and Bill Gates called the updated OS "a fundamental change in the way that companies can address their business computing requirements." NT 3.1 was a 32-bit operating system that "included a preemptive multitasking scheduler for Windows-based applications, integrated networking, domain server security, OS/2 and POSIX subsystems, support for multiple processor architectures, and the NTFS file system," Microsoft says. The NT generation also saw the release of Windows NT Advanced Server, which later gave way to Microsoft's lucrative Windows Server business. Another advancement: Windows for Workgroups, which made Windows-based PCs network-aware for the first time.

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