Microsoft Windows after 25 years: A visual history

Windows has come a long way since 1985. Where will it go next?

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Windows 95: MS-DOS fades away

Release date: Aug. 24, 1995

MS-DOS was pushed further under the covers in Windows 95 as the graphical user interface became even more prominent. Microsoft, in fact, calls Windows 95 the "successor" to MS-DOS and Windows 3.1, although MS-DOS was still there as an underlying component of the operating system. With built-in Internet capabilities, state-of-the-art dial-up networking, "and new plug and play capabilities that made it easy for users to install hardware and software," Windows 95 sold a whopping 1 million copies in just four days and 7 million in one year. Apple's market share began to decline. Internet Explorer 1, by the way, was released in August 1995.

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