Top IT turkeys of 2010

Let's look back at the IT companies, products and people who exhibited turkey-like behavior in 2010.

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Facebook introduced a few changes to its privacy settings in April that spurred a huge backlash among its users and privacy groups, and eventually had to change the settings to give users more control. Meanwhile, Google also raised privacy concerns with its Street View pictures, its Wi-Fi scanning its Google Buzz contacts and just general ickiness. Plus, Google CEO Eric Schmidt keeps saying things that make you wonder how much you should really be trusting it to stay on the non-creepy side of the "creepy line." In the end, though, who is the real turkey here? Is it the company that makes the most out of the private information we willingly give it - or are we the turkeys for giving them the power in the first place? Alternatively, should we just accept that giving up some level of privacy is just the price we pay for otherwise free services in the Information Age? Gobble, gobble.


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