Top IT turkeys of 2010

Let's look back at the IT companies, products and people who exhibited turkey-like behavior in 2010.

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Forever. Or 12 months, whatever comes first

If you're going to promise the world your product is going to "forever change the Internet," then it really ought to change the Internet, maybe even forever, or people just aren't going to take you seriously anymore. But perhaps that's just old-fashioned, Web 1.0 thinking. Certainly, when Cisco made those inflated claims about its "major technology announcement" and it turned out just to be the CRS-3 router everyone was expecting, you could hear the air going out of Network World Managing Editor Jim Duffy's balloon. It sounded like this: "That's it? The CRS-3?... Something that Juniper says it will leapfrog in about a year. Something that will only 'change the Internet' for 12 months before something comes along to 'change the Internet' again. Something that, if it really did change things for us on the Internet, would we notice?"

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