Play two games of Tetris and call me in the morning: 13 medical conditions that are being treated with video games

From lazy eye to Type 1 Diabetes, there’s probably a video game for what ails ya
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Credit: flickr/woodleywonderworks

Video games have long been considered for entertainment purposes only. They’re usually viewed (by non-gamers, at least) as nothing more than a way to kill time or something played only by kids or antisocial adults. Turns out, though, that video games are increasingly being used as effective ways to treat or manage a wide variety of illnesses, diseases or other medical conditions. Researchers across the globe are finding evidence that people suffering from conditions ranging from traumatic brain injuries to fear of public speaking can get some relief through video games. Here are 13 medical conditions for which video games are - or may soon be - prescribed as part of a treatment plan.

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