Drone nation: 15 ways drones are changing the world around us

For a nation already on edge about NSA spying, drone technology is just another worry to add our list of reasons to keep looking over our shoulders.
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Credit: Schiebel

With the Feds spying on us via the Internet, phones, and now revelations they are using surveillance drones it may only a matter of time before tinfoil hats become functional fashion.

FBI Director Robert Mueller told a Senate Judiciary Committee that his agency uses drones for domestic surveillance. In truth, the FBI is just one a long list of private companies and government agencies already using drones domestically.

Despite laws banning the use of domestic drones in the United States hundreds have already taken flight snapping pictures for realtors, working on farms, filming Hollywood movies, and yes patrolling the skies looking for lawbreakers. Here is a look at present and not-so-far-off uses for domestic drones flying our friendly skies. 

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