10 crazy tech predictions for 2014

NSA plots and locks, Google robots, all things drone -- what to expect this year in tech.
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Credit: Nis86 via deviantART

Cringelys crystal ball: 10 crazy tech predictions for 2014

It’s the time of year when all the pine trees have been massacred, the retailers are thoroughly disappointed, Baby New Year has soiled his first diapers, and tech pundits like yours truly predict the future of technology, the human race, and ultimately the universe with uncanny forethought and precision.

Naturally, the annual Cringely Crystal Conjecture -- an age-old tradition here at InfoWorld dating back to the near pre-Snapchat era of 2012 -- is among the most respected of these tech-societal soothsaying reports. Following are 10 CCC technology predictions for 2014.

So, push aside those empty champagne bottles, force open your bloodshot eyes, and behold the future of tech.

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